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Industar 61 L/Z review: very good macro lens. 50mm f/2.8

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Industar 61 L/Z review: very good macro lens. 50mm f/2.8
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The focal lenght of the Industar 61 is 50 mm. This is a fast lens considering the max aperture of f/2.8

This is a russian lens, but there is no preset mecanism as it was commonly used on russian lenses.

The build quality is excellent and the handling very good with a smooth focus ring. It is very easy to manual focus with this lens.

Industar 61 mounted on a SONY A300 DSLR


The iris shape is not common:

Industar 61 L/Z was famous for it short minimum focus distance (less than 30 cm). So I purchased it as a low cost (40€) dedicated macro lens.

I have been realy impressed by the image quality when used wide open for proxy-photo and macro photography (with M42 extension tubes)

When used for macro, the manual focus is easy with the focus ring. But the best way to focus is to move your neck forward and backward to micro adjust the focus (instead of using the focus ring). This is the classical way to focus with macro lenses (even with autofocus lenses, you will get a more accurate focus by performing a good manual focus)

In my opinion, the Industar 61 is a real bargain if you need a dedicated macro lens.

For other usages, (portraiture, landscape...) this lens disapoint: the helios 44-2 is far behind (and cheaper and slightly faster). I can't explain why because very often good macro lenses are also good for portraiture. Maybe the strange iris shape??


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 September 2009 22:12